Change and Integration

28 July 2018

The Origin of Change “CHANGE! BECOME SOMEONE I IMAGE YOU TO BE, SO THAT ‘THIS OLD ANGUISH, WHICH I’VE CARRIED AROUND FOR CENTURIES’, COULD EASE! CHANGE YOURSELF TO MEET MY EXPECTATIONS!” reverberates the message inside and outside ever since we were small. The promise of popular spiritual change like a...

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Our Bodies Store Memories of the Past

23 May 2018

A new paradigm shift is in progress in mental health towards less acknowledged and more implicit processes that are unconscious and inaccessible for introspection. Antony Gormley's sculpture group Our Bodies as representations Concurrently, the unification of mind and body slowly advances by integrating the findings of neuroscience, mindfulness and body-oriented...

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Loss, Grief, Depresssion

09 January 2018

Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent van Gogh Loss shakes every one of us, irrespective of the myriad forms it may take, ranging from losing more abstract things, like a dream or our identity, to concrete ones like the person we loved the most. It is common in every loss that...

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